[Rough translation]: A few months baby and nine other people saved from hypothermia in the night in various fractions of Teramo, reached only after some connecting roads were freed. The Province of Teramo speaks of ‘health emergency’ because “there is no current, in some cases for four days, has isolated thousands of people in some areas have no water and there is a fuel problem because the distributors do not work. “

In Teramano a victim: a dead man under a collapsed building. And there is a dispersed for another avalanche nell’Aquilano. Are continuing the earthquakes, after four higher magnitude 5 recorded yesterday: at midnight they were recorded over 80 (considering only those with a magnitude of not less than 2), including two of 3.5 magnitude. Because of bad weather are disalimentate 98,000 electric utilities in Abruzzo and 14,000 in the Marche.