AMERICAN Catholic voters may have opted, by a small margin, for Donald Trump. But leaders of the Catholic church, whether in Rome, the United States or Latin America, are gearing up to resist some important parts of the president-elect’s declared agenda. One bone of contention is global warming. While Mr Trump has threatened to pull out of the global climate-change deal struck in Paris last December, Pope Francis sent a powerful message of encouragement to the diplomats who have been meeting in Morocco with a view to translating the Paris accords into further action. A similar message was sent by Orthodox Christianity’s Ecumenical Patriarch, whom Francis credits for many of his green ideas. Even closer to the here and now, Catholic bishops across the New World are signalling their determination to resist Mr Trump’s declared aim of sealing his country’s southern border. In recent days, the hierarchs of the United States elected the Mexican-born Archbishop José Gómez of Los Angeles (pictured) to the rotating vice-presidency of their national body. 

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